Understanding the Different Types of Home Security

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Before you choose a home security system, it is essential that you understand the different types of systems that are available. Part of selecting the right system for your home involves knowing a bit about the features and design of these systems and which type will best serve your individual needs. With the increase in crime rates around the nation over the years, many homeowners have chosen to have alarm systems installed in their homes in order to protect against break-ins as well as fire and other issues. Knowing which one is the right type of system however, is crucial in offering you the protection that you need.


An unmonitored system is simply a home security system that will alert you or your neighbors of any intrusion or fire. They do not alert the police, fire department or other authorities when an incident occurs in your home. Many of these systems use different motion sensors and cameras in order to keep an eye on your home and whenever someone attempts to enter your home without your permission, these sensors will sound a rather loud alarm. These types of systems can be fine for those in areas that are highly inhabited. In other words, if you live in a rural area where your nearest neighbor is a few miles away, an unmonitored system may not be helpful. While the system will alert you of any intrusion, no one outside your home is likely to hear the alarm.

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A monitored system is normally a better choice because it involves remote monitoring services. These types of systems protect your home no matter what time of the night or day and they work well for those in rural areas or those who may be gone from their homes a lot. The system works by sending information to a remote monitoring service. This service will be alerted if and when an intruder comes into your home or if a fire breaks out. The monitoring service will attempt to contact you if they receive notification of an issue and then they will contact the proper authorities.

The company will call your home and ask you for a password. This is to confirm that the alarm was not accidentally triggered. If you are not at home to provide the password or if no one picks up the phone when the service calls, the authorities will be notified. These systems also sound a rather loud alarm which is sure to frighten off any intruders but in the event that burglars do not run when they hear the alarm, the police are notified by the monitoring service and will be dispatched to your home within seconds of the alarm being tripped.

Картинки по запросу home security system

Wireless systems are another type that you should consider. These are popular systems for a number of reasons and offer many benefits over hardwired security systems. There are no wires involved so the systems are very easy to install and should you decide to move, you can easily take the system with you. Another benefit of a wireless system is the lack of electrical wiring so if your power goes out, the system will still work. Many choose wireless systems for this benefit alone and they work just as well in most cases as a hardwired system, only without the use of wires and the need for drilling to install them.

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