Best Home Security System-Ten Things to Avoid

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Whether you are new to home security system or not, you have to be very particular in getting this system. In order to get the most of your money while you are at peace thinking of your family and belongings, make sure you’re getting the right package. Detailed below are 10 things to avoid in buying home security system.

1. Prompt Buying Decision

This is one of the common mistakes or malpractices many buyers have been practicing for. Buying everything which you think is best to make your home secured is never a mistake, but make sure to not disregard other security systems available from other companies as they could offer you more than the expected.

2. Too complex home security systems
Avoid buying home security systems that are so complex with much of unnecessary frills. An effective intruder’s alarm and camera system does not necessarily come with too many add-ons. An effective system should never be so complicated to manipulate and operate.

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3. Getting the wrong equipments

It is quite easy to go off and buy for home security systems nowadays. But the question is, are you really getting the right equipment? In most cases, first purchasers usually get cameras, alarms, sensors, and detectors only to find out that after few weeks or months of use, the device starts to deteriorate and does not work as expected. Getting the wrong cables for instance may impair the device’s performance over the long time. Unsurprisingly, most devices will only start deteriorating once the limited warranty has expired.

4. Not getting what you have invested for

Avoid buying home security systems that do not match for your home security requirements. As a buyer, it is very important to get home security systems that are fit to the purpose you have figured out. So make sure you’re getting good quality and reliable home security systems that will meet your security needs.

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5. Security system’s ownership not clarified

You have to avoid buying home security system which does not give you total ownership on it. Whether you like it or not, most of the home security system providers sell you the installation of a security kit, but retain the possession of the security systems itself. This may not be clearly specified in their sales literature but this is true. This is at all times found hidden in the terms and conditions of the sale. As a result, households of these security system providers are often plunged into a rental contract with these providers for about six to seven years without getting any package changes even if you get poor service.

6. Buying without knowing the supplier’s capabilities

Avoid buying home security systems from home security suppliers who are not actually expert on the field. Home security system companies heavily get their sales in the household market, selling affordable alarm systems. In this said you have to make sure you’re getting home security systems from security companies with skilled engineers and are highly reputable to the field. This is to make sure your complex home security needs are met.

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7. Low Level of Service

Avoid buying home security systems with poor quality in terms of performance and maintenance. Are you getting the device that still work even during winter? Will the device work round the clock? These are some of the most important questions in buying home security systems.

8. Buying without defining your security needs

One common mistakes people make is buying security devices without thoroughly knowing the needs of the property. Properties have varying structures, so does their security needs. You have to determine the needs of your property as it allows you to choose the appropriate devices.

9. Low ANSI Grade

Avoid buying home security devices graded by 1 by the ANSI. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a non-profit organization that is responsible for developing standards in different industry like the manufacture of alarm systems, or deadbolt locks. Simply put, any devices rated as 1 means poor quality and performance.

10. No Power and Communication Backup

Avoid buying security devices that offer you poor communication and power backup. Remember you are to monitor your home in real time. So make sure you can still eye the goings-on even if there’s power interruption or communication breakage that may have caused by burglars.

By considering those basic don’t in buying home security systems, you will have a more effective home security system investment.

Author: Tony Benwell

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